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I'm looking to call a flash method from a method in javascript and recieve a result:


Flash -

ExternalInterface.addCallback("getProgress", getProgress) // Javascript to flash

public function getProgress():void {"getProgress", progress); // Send progress back to javascript from flash


Javascript -

Object.prototype = {

getProgress : function() {
   return progress;


Anyone have any idea how to hook all this up???

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Are you trying to pass the value of progress from flash to javascript or javascript to flash? From the wording of the question it seems that you want to call a flash method from javascript and receive a return value. But then why are you calling from flash's getProgress method and returning progress from the javascript method?

change the flash part to:

ExternalInterface.addCallback("getProgress", getProgress)
public function getProgress():void 
    return progress;

And call

alert(window["moviename"].getProgress());    //IE

alert(document["moviename"].getProgress());  //Firefox

Checkout ExternalInterface example in livedocs.

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Thanks for responding. I managed to solve this problem exactly as you suggested. I didn't realize the flash function called from addCallback could return a value! – Matt Dec 7 '09 at 2:18

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