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I can not figure this one out. Currently diving into more injection docs, but I'm not sure why this doesn't work. In the example below, myConstants.defaultPath logs as undefined.

(function() {
  angular.module('my-constants', []).factory('myConstants', [
    function() {
      var service;
      return service = {
        defaultPath: '/aroute'


(function() {
  var app, config;

  app = angular.module('my-app', ["my-constants"]);

  config = function($routeProvider, $httpProvider, myConstants) {

    console.log(myConstants.defaultPath); // undefined

    return $routeProvider.otherwise({
      redirectTo: myConstants.defaultPath

  config.$inject = ['$routeProvider', '$httpProvider', 'myConstantsProvider'];


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I suggest you to register constants with module.constant and it will be available in both config and any other method.

angular.module('my-constants', []).constant('myConstants', {
  defaultPath: '/aroute'

Inject to config (note: myConstants not myConstantsProvider):

config.$inject = ['$routeProvider', '$httpProvider', 'myConstants'];
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