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I have my string:

myFunc(std::string text) {}

and I want to convert it into a System::Object. Something like...

array<Object^>^ inArgs = gcnew array<Object^>(2);
const char* ms;         
ms = text.c_str();
inArgs[1] = *ms;

Except when I try to get the string out it only gives me the first character. doesn't have to be an std::string. a string of any type will do. im doing a cross thread update and trying to pass a string.

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I think you mean, "How do you convert std::string to String^?", maybe. Anyway, search for Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi. – user2246674 Aug 30 '13 at 20:42
omg that worked! thanks! if you post that as an answer i will accept it. – user1873073 Aug 30 '13 at 20:44
Post the code you ended up using with relevant resources/links and self-accept :-) – user2246674 Aug 30 '13 at 20:45
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System::String has a constructor that accepts a const char*. You don't sound picky about the proper code page conversion so it will probably be fine:

  std::string test("hello world");
  auto managed = gcnew String(test.c_str());
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This code is probably far from the right way. I just emulated what I do in C# for cross thread updates. The actual answer came from the comments.

init form, setup delegates, start the second thread:

public ref class Form_1 : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
        CL* c;
        delegate System::Void CrossThreadUpdate(Object^ obj);
        CrossThreadUpdate^ crossThreadUpdate;
        void update(Object^ obj);
        Thread^ t;
        void updateTextArea(String^ text);
        void initCL();

            crossThreadUpdate = gcnew CrossThreadUpdate(this, &Form_1::update);
            t = gcnew Thread(gcnew ThreadStart(this, &Form_1::initCL));
            //TODO: Add the constructor code here

thread does its thing and then lets us know its done

void Form_1::initCL() 
    c = new CL();
    updateTextArea("CL READY");

update the form

void Form_1::update(Object^ obj) {
        array<Object^>^ arr = (array<Object^>^)obj;
        int^ op = safe_cast<int^>(arr[0]);

            case 1:
                String^ text = safe_cast<String^>(arr[1]);
                wstring stringConvert = L"";
                MarshalString(text, stringConvert);
                wcout << stringConvert << endl;
                this->textBox1->Text += text + "\r\n";

    void Form_1::updateTextArea(String^ text) {
        array<Object^>^ args = gcnew array<Object^>(1);
        array<Object^>^ inArgs = gcnew array<Object^>(2);
        inArgs[0] = 1;
        inArgs[1] = text;
        args[0] = inArgs;
        this->Invoke(crossThreadUpdate, args);
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