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I setup and MVC 4 application and added authentication against our Azure AD server as outlined here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsazure/dn151790.aspx

Authentication works as expected. However, I'm not getting any roles back by default. There should be several AD groups created and I would like to use them to role restrict the application via the [Authorize] attribute in MVC.

I can't really find a good place to even start figuring this out. Can anyone give me an outline or point me to a good tutorial?

I should mention that I'm not the administrator for our Azure account, so I need to be able to tell our admin what to do if any setup is required on that side.

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First, tokens returned by Azure AD do not currently contain claims for roles or groups, so you need to get them from the Graph API. Second, roles in Azure AD that are returned by the Graph API are not necessarily intended for use in an ISV/LoB app, and in general you should use security groups for authorization instead. To perform authorization, you should use the checkMemberGroups or getMemberGroups operations in the Graph API, which are transitive and valid for this purpose.

If you check out the following resources in order, I think your questions will be answered. You'll learn how to authenticate to the Graph, call it, and configure your application to use the result of the group operations to perform authorization:

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