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How do I print out the values of the byte array all at once? I seem to recall I could specify a memory range in gdb. Is similar functionality is available in jdb?

I have a Java byte array:

byte [] decompressed = new byte[OUTPUT_FILE_IO_BUFFER_SIZE];

which I populate from a String:

System.arraycopy(decompressedString.getBytes(), 0, decompressed, 0, 

In jdb, I want to print the contents of the byte array. I tried

main[1] print decompressed

which returns:

 decompressed = instance of byte[7] (id=342)
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One solution:

dump decompressed

This dumps the byte values! :)

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it's printing them as signed integers -- is there any way to get it to print hex values? Local variables: prefix = instance of byte[16] (id=2384) Main Thread[1] dump prefix prefix = { -118, -113, -73, -125, 13, -42, -63, 87, -10, 54, -122, 57, -63, 3, 81, 116 } – ashgromnies Aug 14 '14 at 15:43

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