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I have a bit untypical static constant value, which I wanted to declare in the following way:

protected static final int[][] a = new int [][] { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}};

Unfortunately it's rejected.The field a cannot be declared static in non-static inner type unless initialized with a constant expression.

Just to be fully sure that we have the same overview of the situation, it's the field of the inner class.

I tried to declare it also as

protected static final int[][] a = { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}};

It does work neither. :(

And even if I try to use static initializer, it's the same story:

protected static final int[][] a;
static { a = new int [][] { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}}};

It's rejected, also when I remove new int[][].

Why it doesn't work? For sure I can skip static and tread it as non-static field, but if it's a constant value, why not to make it static?

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Can we see the whole class? It sounds a lot like the problem isn't your declaration of a, but where you're declaring a. – Louis Wasserman Aug 30 '13 at 22:17
Where are you declaring it? It works fine if it is a global declaration. – Josh M Aug 30 '13 at 22:19
@LouisWasserman He's told us it's being declared in an inner class. – arshajii Aug 30 '13 at 22:41

Looks like you have something like:

class inner{
protected static final int[][] a = { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}};

You can remove static and still access a directly.

class inner{
    protected final int[][] a = { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}};

inner classes can only have static constant fields.

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According to the JLS, a constant expression is

A compile-time constant expression is an expression denoting a value of primitive type or a String that does not complete abruptly and is composed using only the following:


what you have

new int [][] { {34,16}, {50,16}, {66,16}, {82,16}, {98,16}, {114,16}};

is not a constant expression.

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It's not allowed in accordance with JLS §8.1.3:

Inner classes may not declare static members, unless they are constant variables (§4.12.4), or a compile-time error occurs.

The int[][] a you have declared is not a constant variable as it was not initialized with a constant expression (see JLS §15.28). If a were a String or an int, for instance, and was initialized with a literal, it would be valid.

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