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How can I find the corresponding sources codes of the device nodes under "/dev" of android.

Through adb shell I can access and see all these device nodes under /dev. I'm studying using a file downloaded from opensource.samsung.com. It seems like most of the source codes are kept under /drivers of kernel source code. But since there are so many different folders it is hard to actually know which folder/file relates to a specific device node.

For now I am looking for source codes for mali and ump. And it seems like the drivers folder sometimes include driver source codes that are not even used.


  1. How can I locate the exact source code path of a device node.

  2. What is the source code path of device node "mali" and "ump" for Samsung phones.

  3. To study how this works. -How the source code is compiled and gets registered into the OS, where can I start from?

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