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I'm using https://github.com/stefankroes/ancestry to create a suckerfish menu in Rails.

I found this example at wiki: https://github.com/stefankroes/ancestry/wiki/Suckerfish

So I put this Suckerfish method in my application helper and called in my view:

<% @category.each do |cat| %>
  <%= suckerfish(cat) %>
<% end %>

It worked, but my first level (index 0) wasnt appearing. I guess it is because the 'descendants' in suckerfish example. But I tried changing but unsuccessfully.

Here the Suckerfish example:

def suckerfish(node)
  fuc = lambda do |nodes|
    return "" if nodes.empty?
    return "<ul>" +
      nodes.inject("") do |string, (node, children)|
        string + "<li rel='#{node.id}'>" +
        link_to(node.name, node.path) +
        fuc.call(children) +
      end +
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