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When I launch it with sudo /etc/init.d/dse start it seems to work. It returns:

Starting DSE daemon dse
DSE daemon starting with Hadoop and Solr disabled (edit /etc/default/dse to enable)

But when I try to connect to the tutorial "Test Cluster" (so localhost) with opscenter (on a distant machine but with port 8888 shared), I got this error:

Error creating cluster: Unable to connect to cluster

And if I check the health of dse with sudo /etc/init.d/dse status: I got:

dse dead but pid file exists

Original post:

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum. What's the best way to migrate this to server vault if that's the better forum? Just ask it over there? – sdelmas Sep 3 '13 at 19:35

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The console or /var/log/cassandra/output.log will likely contain something like this (where nodename1 is whatever you named your node):

Error: Exception thrown by the agent : Local host name unknown: nodename1: nodename1

Same as problem on starting cassandra, basically you need to make sure that the hostname you are using can be resolved (by putting it into /etc/hosts).

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