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I'm playing with Stripes and I wonder if it is possible to send Javascript generated data to ActionBean. To be more specific, when I click with my mouse on certain element on page, I want to send ID of that element back to ActionBean after clicking on stripes:link. Providing I already have that ID saved in a JS variable id, how do I do that?

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Are you using parameterised link?

<stripes:link id="mylink" href/beanclass="..." event="...">
   <stripes:param name="id" value="some_default_value"/>
   Click on me!

Which would most probably generate:, which you would later use javascript to change some_default_value to the id you want?

Note: Suggestion unverified. I've no dev tool installed on this old lappie.

Edit: On second thought, why not just write some javascript to append "?id=" + id; to the link's url address?

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create a hidden input element in your html

<input type="hidden" name="?" id="?" />

use javascript to set the value of it

document.getElementById("?").value = ??;

and the value will be posted with your form submission.

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Just tried it, but it doesn't work. Maybe it would if I was using form, but I want to run event via link. Any ideas? – marioErr Dec 6 '09 at 9:13
yes that would only work with a form. i'll leave it to someone else to explain how to do it without a form as it would be a bit more of a hack. – pstanton Dec 6 '09 at 9:28

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