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I wanted to install wine through macports. I followed instructions on following site: http://www.easypctutorials.com/how-to-install-wine-on-mac-os-x Now when I try the sudo install command for anything, terminal first returns this:

Warning: /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf specifies invalid variant syntax '“+universal”', ignored.

and then it always fails to install the software. Now, I want to know how to remove +universal or what could be done to install wine or anything else otherwise. Even MacPorts doesn't get updated citing the same thing. Even if I search for ports, it says the same thing.

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Just remove the line containing +universal from variants.conf (or clear out variants.conf completely) and skip this step of the how-to. It is no longer needed, MacPorts will automatically ensure the dependencies are available in the correct architecture when you attempt to install wine.

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