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I used to java programs in notepad(normal text editor),Usually /*test/* would be counted as comments in a program which won't be interpreted by compiler,

For e.g

import java.io.*;

import java.sql.*;

class products


public static void main(String args[])

/*test /*

Here test would be considered as comments

But in applets how does /* recognize it in applet viewer and generate the window based on the size and code?

/*<applet code="myaddapplet.java" width="300" height="300">

how does not java take it as programming content instead of taking it as comments ?

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how does not java take it as programming content instead of taking it as comments ?

The Java compiler does not read that file.

It is an HTML file ... or something that generates one (e.g. a JSP). The HTML is read on the client side by your web browser's HTML parser, not by a Java compiler. In fact, it is likely that the user's machine doesn't even have a Java compiler installed.

The HTML parser does not recognize the /* ... */ as a comment. Depending on where it is, it may treat those characters as literal characters and attempt to show them to the user.

The <applet>...</applet> part is valid HTML ... which the HTML parser recognizes, and treats as an instruction to launch an applet.

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Err, because it's HTML, not Java?

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It's still HTML, not Java. No amount of editing can change that. –  EJP Aug 31 '13 at 7:37

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