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I have a MVC Web Application Im trying to Ajax call an action method to retrieve some datetime from the database, the problem is the value comes as "/Date(386028000000)/"

its a DateOfBirth actually which I m using a java script function to calculate the age:

function (DOB) {
         var birthday = +new Date(DOB);
    return ~~((Date.now() - birthday) / (31557600000));

Anyway i can fix the Date Format and get only the date in a proper format or change the Java-Script method to accept the current format of the date value ?

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if you need more advanced dateTime processing, have a look at Momentjs –  Nathan Fisher Sep 2 '13 at 6:36

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I got it

    var FixedDate = new Date();
    FixedDate .setTime(DOB.replace("/Date(", "").replace(")/", ""));
    return ~~((Date.now() - FixedDate) / (31557600000));
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Click here to check the Demo

Sample Javascript/JQuery

var = MyDate_String_Value = "/Date(386028000000)/"
var value = new Date
                 parseInt(MyDate_String_Value.replace(/(^.*\()|([+-].*$)/g, ''))
var dat = value.getMonth() + 
                         1 + 
                       "/" + 
           value.getDate() + 
                       "/" + 

Result - "3/27/1982"

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