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I have the following 3 files:

The following file in folder lib


def type1():
        name1     = parts[1] 
        something = parts[2]
        x = 0
    except IndexError, e:
        x = None

    if x is None:
        print 'well something went wrong'

I also have lib/__init__.py which is empty.

Then I have the main file



from lib import StringSplitting

data = "some random string separated by spaces "

global parts
parts = data.split(" ")


print something

Because I have multiple ways of separating a string I need to use different functions within StringSplitting.

Now the error that I want to resolve is:

NameError: global name 'parts' is not defined
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globals are only global to their own module, not across the Python interpreter.

Pass in the parts name as a function parameter instead:


where the type1() function has been redefined to accept a parameter:

def type1(parts):

Note that the global keyword only has any effect when used in a function; it tells the Python compiler that a name in a function is to be assigned to globally, not locally. Names at the module level are already global. The global parts line in testing.py is a no-op, it does nothing, and can be removed altogether.

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Absolutely. Also remove the 'global parts' line from testing.py –  Koustav Ghosal Aug 31 '13 at 8:51
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