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I'm using Imagick to recolor an image. I want the image to be 'redscale', i.e., to have a gradient of colors going from black to red. With try and error I found these functions:

$im = new Imagick('img.jpg');
$im->modulateImage(100, 0, 100); // Grayscale
$im->recolorImage(array(0, 0, 1, 0)); // Cyan?
$im->modulateImage(100, 100, 0); // Red?

It works, but I don't understand what recolorImage does. Can anybody explain it with different arrays?

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Imagick::recolorImage use a color matrix (5 × 5 or 6 × 6). As is explained in ImageMagic docs it works like Adobe Flash does –  mems Apr 29 at 9:50

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