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I'm using xib with single UITextView inside, to display pre formatted text page. It's too complex to format the text in code, so I do the formatting in Apple Pages and then paste formatted text in xib's UITextView object. I load this xib in page like this

subviewArray = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
loadNibNamed:[language stringByAppendingString:_textXibName]
       owner:self options:nil];
textView = [subviewArray objectAtIndex:0];
textView.frame = CGRectMake(_textOrigin.x , _textOrigin.y , textView.frame.size.width, textView.frame.size.height);
[self.vignetteView addSubview:textView];

image xcode xib
In IOS 6.1 everything looks perfect.
screen shot in iOS 6.1, looking OK
But in 5.1 and below all formating in suddenlty lost!
screen shot in iOS 5.1, formatting is lost
Where to start digging? Maybe because I'm in a mild state of panic I have no idea! Any advice is highly appreciated!

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UITextView and UITextField support for styled text using attributed strings was added in iOS 6. Your best option in iOS 5 is to use HTML and a UIWebView

See: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/releasenotes/General/WhatsNewIniOS/Articles/iOS6.html#

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