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I am having a bit of trouble writing a mysqli query that queries between dates.

The column in my mysql database is a datetime column.

The query I have written in php looks like this

$sessions = mysqli_query($db,"SELECT s.idSession, s.idUser, 
    FROM rempad.Session AS s WHERE s.idUser = 12 AND s.start BETWEEN '2013-04-28' AND '2013-05-28'");

I have tried escaping the dates like \'2013-04-28\'

I have also tried casting as datetime like: DATETIME(s.start) BETWEEN DATETIME('2013-04-28') AND ...

But that doesn't work.

I have tested the SQL syntax in Mysql workbench so I know that the query returns values, but I can't seem to get it right in php.

Any ideas? I can't find any examples online.

Thanks in advance L

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I tried it and it worked as:

query($db,"SELECT s.idSession, s.idUser
    FROM rempad.Session s WHERE s.idUser = 12 AND s.start BETWEEN '2013-04-28' AND '2013-05-28'");

Removed a comma and 'as' after table name.

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Thanks so much. I was going blind looking at it. –  Linda Keating Aug 31 '13 at 14:13

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