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I have a piece of JS that appends the following to a web form on the click of a button. When the div .remove is clicked the closest new-attribute div is removed. It works fine.

<div class="new-attribute">
    <h3>New Attribute</h3>

    <label for="attributeName3">Name:</label>
    <input class"attribute"="" type="text" name="attributeName3">

    <label for="attributeType3">Type:</label>
    <select id="t" class="attribute" name="attributeType3">
        <option value="text" selected="">Text</option>
        <option value="checkbox">Checkbox</option>
        <option value="select-list">Select Option List</option>
        <option value="notes">Notes</option>

    <div class="option"></div>
    <div class="remove">Delete</div>

In the div "option" I have code to add another form field on the selection of "select-list" in the select input. It does not work. I do not know why. No variable names are clashing. I'm away I shouldnt give the select an id because it is recurrent, I just want to get it working before I make it compliant.

Heres the Js that I'm having trouble with:

//select temp
var select="<div class=\"new-option\">"
    + "<h3>new option</h3>"
    + "<label for=\"attributeName"+count+"\">New otion:</label>"
    + "<input class\"attribute\" type=\"text\" name=\"attributeName"+count+"\">"
    + "</div>";

//get value of select
$('#t').change(function() {
    var selectVal = $('#t :selected').val();
    if (selectVal == "select-list") {

The code works with $(select).appendTo('.option'); However it appends the code to every instance of the "option" class on the page. I only want it to append to the current or closest one.

Thank you in advance

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not directly related to this question, but you seem to be missing a = here <input class\"attribute\" (select value assignment) –  Harry Aug 31 '13 at 14:01

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The problem is because closest() looks up the DOM for the nearest parent element matching the selector, but .option is a sibling of #t. Try using next() instead:

$('#t').change(function() {
    if ($(this).val() == "select-list") {
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Sir you can use this.value instead of $(this).val() –  Tushar Gupta Aug 31 '13 at 14:13

Try this


    $('#nuform').append('<p>your new form here</p>');
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Avoid using next, prev as it could fail if you change the order. Instead try using siblings instead of closest in your code:


Read more about it here: http://api.jquery.com/siblings/

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