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I read this topic Reading from the SD card on Windows Phone 8 and try to get audio files from SD-card. But I have some problem, when is call IEnumerable<ExternalStorageFile> rootFiles = await rootFolder.GetFilesAsync(); I get empty list. I think, problem in manifest with file extensions. I try write some extensions, but have no result.

  <FileTypeAssociation TaskID="_default" Name="MP3" NavUriFragment="fileToken=%s">
      <Logo Size="small" IsRelative="true">Images/test/Route_Mapper_Logo33x33.png</Logo>
      <Logo Size="medium" IsRelative="true">Images/test/Route_Mapper_Logo69x69.png</Logo>
      <Logo Size="large" IsRelative="true">Images/test/Route_Mapper_Logo176x176.png</Logo>
                <FileType ContentType="application/mp3">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="audio/mpeg">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="audio/mpa">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="audio/mpa-robust">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="audio/mpeg3">.mp3</FileType>
                <FileType ContentType="audio/mp3">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="audio/x-mpeg-3g">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="video/mpeg">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="video/x-mpeg">.mp3</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="video/mpeg">.mpg</FileType>
      <FileType ContentType="video/mpeg">.MP4</FileType>

What could be the problem in? Thanks for answers.

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You can't register windows phone reserved file types yourself. they will be simply ignored

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