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I want to develop a commercial application that is centered around the stock market. Now I need a provider/API for stock prices at american (NYSE, NASDAQ) and german (DAX, Frankfurt) etc.) stock exchanges.

I know that Yahoo provides stock prices, but unfortunately they only allow it for non-commercial usage.

Does anyone know an API/provider for german and american share prices that can be used in a commercial software? Thanks!

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Google and yahoo will not provide tick by tick data. The best way to figure it out would be to google for a data provider. There are many out there, you can contact them and their technical staff will help you in providing the API.Anyways if you still choose to use yahoo or google for data you can extract the data from their websites using an excel sheet available at this link...

Obviously you can help the developer by donating him. P.S - I am not the developer or owner of this website

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Google finance APIs are available which can be used to get stock price american and german stock exchanges. Following are the URL to get the stock data that you required, To get google stock price on NASDAQ

Bayer of German exchange

Not sure about the licensing terms, to use this for commercially you have to check for the license.

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Take a look at Markit On Demand Stock quote API – Arman Ortega Mar 17 at 8:58

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