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No questions if I get classic type like System.String:

clsString = mono_class_from_name(image_mscorlib, "System", "String");

But when I try to reach template based class like Dictionary it fails:

clsDictionary2 = mono_class_from_name(image_mscorlib, "System.Collections.Generic", "Dictionary"); NULL!!
clsDictionary3 = mono_class_from_name(image_mscorlib, "System.Collections.Generic", "Dictionary<TKey,TValue>"); also NULL

How to get that to work and get Mono Dictionary class in C++ mono wrapper code. I looked at the MONO library and found that there is Dictionary'2 type in it and I can get it:

clsDictionary1 = mono_class_from_name(image_mscorlib, "System.Collections.Generic", "Dictionary`2"); not NULL, pointer

But how to instantiate Dictionary(int, int) or Dictionary(object, object)? Is it correct that I should dig Dictionary'2 or IDictionary(??) and look for corresponding .ctor(int, int) or (object, object) ?

Just a short update for those who are also interested in this question (obj_Instance - a pointer to some .NET object which encapsulates PFILED member obj - Dictionary<,> ptr_DictObj):

ptr_DictObj = mono_field_get_value_object(pDomain, pfield, obj_Instance); 
char* cls = (char*)mono_object_get_class((void*)ptr_DictObj); 
char* name1 = (char*)((char*)cls + 0x30); 
char* namesp1 = (char*)((char*)cls + 0x34); 
Log("name1=", name1); 
Log("namespace1=", namesp1); 

And the answer is name1=Dictionary'2, namespace1=System.Collections.Generic.

So it is really Dictionary'2 class but I still cannot cast ptr_DictObj to System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary'2. Sudden crash in mono_object_castclass_mbyref kills all my dreams to proceed =)))

void* obj_Dictionary = mono_object_castclass_mbyref(ptr_DictObj, clsDictionary);

Just found the reason of that crash.

clsDictionary = mono_class_from_name(mono_get_corlib(), "System.Collections.Generic", "Dictionary`2");

clsDictionary is different than obtained "cls" in runtime. When I try cast ptr_DictObj to clsDictionary it fails, but succeeded for "cls" typecast.

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