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I'm working on a modification from a theme in the open source project "gallery2".

Here is the code that I am looking at:

For anyone familiar with it, its in the SearchShowAll.tpl file in the search module in the modules section of the download.

	<ul class="giInfo">
	  {foreach from=$result.fields item=field }
                <span class="ResultKey">{$field.key}:</span>
                <span class="ResultData">{$field.value|default:"&nbsp;"|markup}</span>

It is a smarty foreach loop and it grabs this data
Title: BB 08 PR 6-340
Keywords: A Hillbilly Cat; Gavin Jordan; Margo Hazell
Owner: Gallery Administrator

However, I just want it to get the Title: and display it, not any of the other stuff. I am unsure of what the array looks like and how to get a specific value from it in smarty format and also in the case of this gallery.

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I used section tags to figure this out. I was referencing the array value wrong as well. Here is how I got it to work.

{section name=field loop=$result.fields max=1}
                <span class="ResultData">{$result.fields[field].value|default:"&nbsp;"|markup}</span>

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