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I am working on my first polymer application and I am stuck. How do I access map values with polymer? I have a class with a map within. I can iterate over lists in my template, but how to get all values from a map?

 query('#tmpl-question').model = q;
 query('#tmpl-answers').model = q.map_answers;

class Question extends PolymerElement with ObservableMixin{

  Map<String,String> map_answers = toObservable({}); //new Map<String,String>();

  void initQuestion(){


        <template id="tmpl-answers" repeat>
           <label for"a1" value="asdf"> HOW TO DISPLAY ALL MAP VALUES  //iterate over list elements with {{}}

EDIT: the problem was with the assignment of the object q to the model.

does not work:

Question q = new Question();
   query('#tmpl-question').model = q;

if you import 'package:polymer_expressions/polymer_expressions.dart'; this will work:

  TemplateElement template = query('#tmpl-question');
  template.bindingDelegate = new PolymerExpressions(globals: {
    'uppercase': (String input) => input.toUpperCase()
  template.model = q;


 <template repeat="{{j in map2.keys}}">
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Maps have two iterable properties: keys and values. I think what you want to do is iterate over the keys and then access the values.

Something like:

<polymer-element ... >
    <template repeat="{{ key in map_answers.keys }}">
        <label>{{ map_answers[key] }}</label>
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thx! I had the same code but I was missing the PolymerExpressions thing. This is confusing. –  Gero Aug 31 '13 at 19:29
PolymerExpressions is already the default, you shouldn't have needed to set the binding delegate unless you needed to add globals. –  Justin Fagnani Aug 31 '13 at 20:18

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