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This is the javascrip that i have implemented for url detection in a plain text but when i am clicking on the link i am not able to open the link in new tab it is opening the localhost address before the website.

Example : i have detected

when i am clicking on it i am getting this


i want only to be open in new tab

<-- Code -->

<script type="text/javascript">

  function test() {
  function dt(t) {
   // find links wo www and http. bla.bla.TLD(ANY query)

    var srg = new RegExp(/(^|\b)([\w.]+\.[a-z]{2,3}(?:\:[0-9]{1,5})?(?:\/.*)?)([,\s]|$)/ig);

    var r = t.replace(srg, '$1<a href="$2" target="_blank">$2</a>');

    document.getElementById('c').innerHTML = r;

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You need to add http:// at the start. – Benjamin Gruenbaum Aug 31 '13 at 17:20
@BenjaminGruenbaum where ?? i have to add? i want default for all the text when i enter it ? – Neeraj Mehta Aug 31 '13 at 18:42
and also having problem with url such as you help me ? – Neeraj Mehta Aug 31 '13 at 18:43
Create a fiddle on illustrating your issue. Generally, you can avoid regex altogether here in favor of much simpler code. – Benjamin Gruenbaum Aug 31 '13 at 20:44
@BenjaminGruenbaum It works by changing the regex :) – Neeraj Mehta Sep 2 '13 at 18:39

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