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How can I do that?

I already have the code I'm working on but it seems that it doesnt work really fine. Here is how my program works. I input an id number(unique) on a text box and click the search button. The entries that corresponds to the id number is then displayed on the other text boxes.

And then I try to edit one of the entries manually(changing its letters or name) then I click the update button.

Here is now the problem: It really updates the entry but it makes a mirror of the entry with a different id number(maybe automatically generated). So basically the ms access database will now contain the old entry and the updated version of the entry.

I can show you my code if you wish to. As long as I am assured by your reputation in this site.

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Show the code, seems like you are using insert instead of update.

OK, check this link DataAdapter.Update Method

You seem to be missing

' Without the OleDbCommandBuilder this line would fail.



Let me know if this works?

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here's my code sir: mediafire.com/?qlxedjzmzlz please help me, –  user225269 Dec 6 '09 at 12:16

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