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so my problem is next. Im using gridster.js and after long researching of stackoverlow i found a numerous similar solutions for this problem, but again, i couldnt implement that on my issue. So the issue here is that i want to link an ID to web-page, but only when i fully click on that box inside of gridster. Issue is, when i move the very same box, and do a mouse-out, i still get linked on that page. Difference here is that im not using any anchor <a></a> tags like previous guys did in their posts, so im basically trying to link it over simple ID.


also there is code here:

var gridster;

            $(function() {
                gridtster = $(".gridster > ul").gridster({
                    widget_margins: [10, 10], 
                    widget_base_dimensions: [140, 140],
                    min_cols: 6

                $('#contacts').click(function () {
                    window.location = $(this).attr("url");


    <div class="gridster">
        <li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1"></li>
        <li data-row="2" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1"></li>
        <li id="contacts" url="http://google.com"  data-row="3" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1"><h1>LINK</h1></li>
        <li data-row="1" data-col="2" data-sizex="2" data-sizey="1"></li>
        <li data-row="2" data-col="2" data-sizex="2" data-sizey="2"></li>
        <li data-row="1" data-col="4" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1"></li>
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