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So I have this combo:

apache2, mod_ssl, a different server running on a different port and mod_security.

I configured apache2 via ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse to map a location on the webserver to the "different server running on a different port". This works, however mod_security doesn't like some action and I want to either disable that rule or mod_security all together, but only for this specific proxy location not side wide.

Somehow this just doesn't work:

<Location /mylocation>
<IfModule mod_security2.c>
        SecRuleRemoveById 12345
ProxyPass http://ip:port/location
ProxyPassReverse http://ip:port/location

If I move the mod_security part one level up, that is vhost wide, it does work.

It seems to me /mylocation/someurl does get proxied but not matched or something along those lines. Anybody any pointers how I can do this the right way?

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