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I wrote this script but it doesnt work, could you please help me out?

vYear_ID VARCHAR(4);
vQuarter CHARACTER(6);
vMonth_Num SMALLINT;
vMonth_Name VARCHAR(20);
vWeekday_Num SMALLINT;
vWeekday_Name VARCHAR(20); 
vStartDate Date := '01/01/1998';
vEndDate Date := '31/12/2002';
vDate_ID Date;
vDate_ID := vStartDate;


WHILE vDate_ID < vEndDate 
vYear_ID := TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'YYYY');
vQuarter := TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'YYYY')||'Q'||TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'Q');
vMonth_Num := TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'MM'));
vMonth_Name := TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'Month');
vWeekday_Num := TO_NUMBER(TRIM(leading '0' FROM TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'D')));
vWeekday_Name := TO_CHAR(vDate_ID,'Day');

INSERT INTO Time_Dim VALUES (vDate_ID, vYear_ID, vQuarter, vMonth_Name, vWeekday_Name, vMonth_Num, );

vDate_ID = to_date(vDate_ID,'DD/MM/YYYY')+1



I have to use the While Loop and not a For.

Thanks in advance.

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"does not work" is not particularly informative. Are you getting an error? If so, what error? – Justin Cave Sep 1 '13 at 3:28
You have a trailing comma - " vMonth_Num, );" BTW, you have a reputation > 1, so I would expect you would know how to ask a proper question. – OldProgrammer Sep 1 '13 at 3:44
To follow up on OldProgrammer's comment please at least include the error message when posting a question with an error. In Oracle the error tells you the line number, and should easily have identified the trailing comma and the missing semi-colon vDate_ID = to_date(vDate_ID,'DD/MM/YYYY')+1. Please make an attempt to solve this yourself before asking a question. – Ben Sep 1 '13 at 8:36
I don't get any error message, it just hangs in there, that is why i didn't include any in my question, sorry for the inconvenience . – MNS Sep 1 '13 at 11:08
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This doesn't address the exact question. But as the actual question is a dreary "guess the compilation error" I have elected to answer a more interesting question instead.

    (vDate_ID, vYear_ID, vQuarter, vMonth_Name, vMonth_Num, vWeekday_Name, vWeekday_Num)
with dt as ( select date '1998-01-01' as start_dt
                    , date '2002-12-31' as end_dt 
             from dual )
     , ths as ( select start_dt + ( level - 1) as id_date
                from dt
                connect by level <= ( end_dt - start_dt ) + 1
select id_date
       , to_char(id_date, 'YYYY')
       , trim(to_char(id_date, 'YYYY'))||'Q'||to_char(id_date, 'Q')
       , to_char(id_date, 'Month')
       , to_number(to_char(id_date, 'MM'))
       , to_char(id_date, 'Day')
       , to_number(to_char(id_date, 'D'))
from ths;

Here's a SQL Fiddle for the SELECT part of the statement.

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Thanks a lot APC-sama :), you are a life saver, I am not good with PL/SQL, but this one would do it for me, thanks again ^^. – MNS Sep 1 '13 at 11:11

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