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I'm building a Facebook App. I already have a server and database hosted with GoDaddy. Facebook, however, requires you to have an SSL certificate in order to see your app (in the canvas, page tab etc), so me being cheap and not wanting to buy an SSL cert while I'm building, I used Heroku for their free SSL instead.

Now the site is hosted with Heroku but the DB is still with GoDaddy and I'm running into problems - it seems as though while I'm with Heroku I can't write/read my DB from GoDaddy.

I'm suspecting that this is because my DB is hosted on a different server to the website. Does that sound right? Is it possible to connect to a database which is hosted on a different server? If so is there a way to work around this?

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Figured it out! The reason I couldn't connect to the DB on GoDaddy from Heroku is because the DB which I set up on GoDaddy didn't have the 'Allow Direct Access' option ticked. This option can only be enabled when you are creating a new database - once it's created it cannot be changed.

The solution was to back up the database and create a new database with the 'Allow Direct Access' option selected and then use that database to connect to from the Heroku servers.

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