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I am trying to do all the programs in "Programming in C" by Stephen G. Kochan, as an exercise and to familiarize myself with some of the finer details (I didn't go to school for computer science) of C.

(I am on a Windows 8 machine)

A lot of the book is simple programs and I'd like to enter the programs with sublime text (as opposed to code::blocks, which I have been using with openFrameworks). Is there an easy way to launch a separate command window for a program after it is compiled.

It's kind of hacky, but I changed the "run" version of build to launch the compiled program

"cmd": ["${file_base_name}.exe"]

but apparently the Sublime Text documentation says that "GUI's are suppressed" ?


What I want to do is launch a separate command prompt window. The primary reason is that "scanf" does not halt for input. Let me know if there is a quick work around:

  • some workaround in Sublime Text ( a setting I'm not aware of)
  • how to change the build file to launch an actual window
  • some way to easily launch a separate window in C
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    "cmd": ["start", "cmd", "/c $file_base_name.exe"],
    "selector": "text.c",
    "shell": "true"

The cmd start command opens a new window of the command passed to it.
Note that to keep the window from closing immediately at the end of your programs, you'll have end them with system("pause"); or getch();, or replace /c with /k to keep cmd up.

EDIT: after more digging and debugging:

"cmd": ["start", "cmd", "/c", "$file_base_name.exe & pause"]  

I had the same issue with Java, trying to create a Run Variant, and eventually came out with this:

        "cmd": ["start", "cmd", "/c", "java $file_base_name & pause"],
        "name": "Run"
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I had to add "shell":true after name, to make it work. –  Qwerty Nov 18 '13 at 15:59

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