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I bind my events on $(document).on "page:change"... Example of event bind is as follows:

$('#groups').on 'click', 'div.group a.edit_group', Groups.edit_show

This works fine with user clicking on links...

The problem occurs when user clicks back button and the forward button. "page:change" triggers another event bind so now I have event binded twice (which is a problem whit jquery toggle function). This double binding occurs I guess because of pagesCached just loads cached DOM of the page with already previously binded events on nodes.

I could disable pagesCached, but is there another solution?

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Have you tried in page:change?

$('#groups').off().on('click', 'div.group a.edit_group', Groups.edit_show);
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nice one, thanks. –  Peter Koman Sep 2 '13 at 4:09

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