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I have a report (PDF output, 2.6.2) with a table containing crosstab (see attached files for a classic models example). After all report data there has to be a section for signs of peoples responsible for it. And there is strict demand that this section is preceeded with data (at least 1 row) and all signs must be together on 1 page.

Here is the image of what i should get.

I have a problem with page break, it is in a crosstab or in a table itself. I've tried to manipulate page break section in crosstab, crosstab rows, table sections - still no luck. I remember I was able to do this for a simple table without crosstab in it, so the problem is probably in crosstab.

I've shared the report without experiment changes. I need it in PDF, version 2.6.2.

Can anyone help?

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I have shared the result of your report here View This I think you are expecting your report like this..

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Hi, I've requested access to file by your link, please share it. –  Stingo82 Sep 4 '13 at 14:13
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Crosstab and a table with signs must be in same table, then crosstab will have pagebreak. For a table with signs I've added visibility rule to show it on last page only.
There is same problem with nested tables, not only crosstabs.

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