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I am playing around with a program I want to use on a multi touch laptop. My program is pretty much a virtual notepad where I store information and pictures within notes.

When I click on the notes the information is shown within an extra window (WinForm). And with that window comes my problem:

Since I use the program on a touch laptop (which I can use as a pad, too) I want to be able to rotate those windows (in reaction to the rotate gesture) so I can show others the content without rotating the laptop.

I have seen that in other programs so it should be possible, but I did not come up with anything working using Google, as most answers I find talk about multi touch for Phones or normal Pads, which don't use WinForm as such...

Can anyone help?

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winforms is not the appropiate technology for this. –  HighCore Sep 1 '13 at 14:50
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