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I am looking to provide upload progress to my CLI using MediaIOUploadBase, and I can see there is a class called MediaUploadProgress, but it isn't a wrapper to an upload so I'm presuming it is obtained from an active upload somehow. I can't find any documentation in the apiclient.http library on how to obtain upload progress. Does anybody know how this works?

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You can retrieve the latest status similar to what I'm attaching below.

media = MediaFileUpload('image.png', mimetype='image/png', chunksize=1000, resumable=True)
request = drive.files().update(id='fileId', media_body=media)

response = None
while response is None:
  status, response = request.next_chunk()
  if status:
    print status.progress()
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Funnily enough, I did eventually find an example just like this, hidden away in the depths of the apiclient source code. Thanks! – Craig Sep 3 '13 at 7:40

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