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I'd like to run a background service in Ruby to post to my Facebook page once a day. What's the best way to do this? I've read through the Graph API, but most of their documentation relies on first requesting permissions from the User. How do I grant those permissions for my own use and not the end user of my app? For example, Twitter gives you authentication tokens to connect to your own accounts.

A lot of the answers about the Graph API here are outdated. I'm using Ruby, so any recommendations for gems or any of the SDKs on their website.


Thanks to @oldergod for the response. I have an updated question.

When I do this, I am able to post as the myPageName to myPageName's wall.

@graph.put_connections("myPageName", "feed", :message => "I am writing on my wall!")

But when I do this:

@graph.put_connections("me", "feed", :message => "I am writing on my wall!", :link => "")

It posts to myPageName as me

What am I doing wrong? I have requested manage_pages permissions.

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You can use the graph console to get tokens for your account or page you administrate. Then to for the gem, there is fbgraph and koala. I have used Koala so far and it's good. – oldergod Sep 1 '13 at 12:11
Updated my question – mehulkar Sep 6 '13 at 9:33
Then you better explain what you were expecting – oldergod Sep 6 '13 at 10:01
You need to get a page access token – see – CBroe Sep 6 '13 at 10:04
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Well, definitely the gem you are looking is Koala.


As it seems, you are having some problem setting the actual configuration of Koala gem. Let's go through every step.

You need to setup a new Koala::Facebook::API. Despite of being a horrible name, this is really the connection to your profile user. To set up this you need to access the Facebook Explorer and click Get Access Token button (make sure you are logged with the account you wanna post message's to). just copy that access token.

@user =

Use that access_token to set this new @user. Now whenever you mention "me" in any Graph API request on a @user, you'll be mentioning this user (@user) as the target for that request. "me" is just the facebook ID for the user itself.

The final step is just to post to your user's feed page.

@user.put_connections("me", "feed", :message => "I am writing on my wall!")

So, if you want to post as a page on your wall. You can do so by

@user =
page_access_token = @user.get_connections('me', 'accounts').first['access_token'] #this gets the users first page.
@page =
@page.put_connections(user_id, "feed", :message => "Page writting to user's wall!")

Just go to and get the your_ID. For instance, mine's, or if you want to post to the page itself, just right "me" instead of user_path.

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Thanks for the answer! I updated my question. – mehulkar Sep 6 '13 at 9:34
I updated my answer as well :) – Guilherme Barros Avila Sep 6 '13 at 17:22
I figured it out last night. The part that is missing from here is that I needed a new page specific token by doing @user.get_connections('me', 'accounts').first['access_token'] and use that to make the call. Your method caused me to post to the Wall as my personal profile. If you could add this part in (or correct me), I can accept the answer! – mehulkar Sep 6 '13 at 17:39
No, I want to post to the wall of a PAGE I own and manage as the page. – mehulkar Sep 6 '13 at 18:34
Fixed, sorry I'm kinda focused on other stuff. Should've read what you were saying since the start. – Guilherme Barros Avila Sep 6 '13 at 18:39

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