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I have developed a simple program with MFC. It's responsible for reading and writing geotiff files using GDAL library. For this purpose, I have derived two classes from CFileDialog class named ManageOpenGeoTiffFiles and ManageSaveGeoTiffFiles each have 3 functions to support reading and writing geotiffs.

this is the header of the constructor and destructor for one of them:

ManageOpenGeoTiffFiles::ManageOpenGeoTiffFiles(void):CFileDialog(true,0,0,OFN_ENABLESIZING | OFN_HIDEREADONLY,_T("Tiff Files (*.tif)|*.tif|"),0,0,true)  


and this is how I use it in my code:

void CInitialJobProject2FinalDlg::OnBnClickedBtnopen()
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
m_oglWindow1.WantToPan = false;
m_oglWindow1.WantToUseZoomTool = false;
CString fullpath;
if ( m_openFiles.DoModal() == IDOK )
    fullpath = m_openFiles.GetPathName();
    catch(CFileException *e){
        MessageBox(_T("the file could not be opened"),_T("error"),MB_OK);
        this ->ExitMFCApp();
    MessageBox(_T("you pressed cancel and can not proceed."),_T("error"),MB_ICONERROR);

everythings ok when I use the Open or Save button for the first time in my program but when it comes to second use I get the error:

enter image description here
and if I click ignore:
enter image description here
this error occurs in the line:

if ( m_openFiles.DoModal() == IDOK )  

of each dialog and even if I click cancel the first time,the error occures in the second use of dialog.

Line 398 of dlgFile.cpp is as follows:

hr = (static_cast<IFileDialog*>(m_pIFileDialog))->SetFileTypes(nFilterCount, pFilter);

Edited section:

Answering one of the comments and providing information for others too:

When I set a breakpoint there saw these results when the assertion fails:

pFilter 0x00fc3660 {pszName=0x00fc36a8 "Tiff Files (*.tif)" pszSpec=0x00fc3788 "*.tif" }  

and the results for the first time when the assertion does not fail is as follows:

pFilter 0x004cfca0 {pszName=0x004cfce8 "Tiff Files (*.tif)" pszSpec=0x004cfdc8 "*.tif" }  
hr  S_OK
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Show us what pFilter points to. What's the value of hr once ASSERT has happended ? –  Michael Walz Sep 2 '13 at 15:46
@Michael Walz I've answered your comment please see the Edited section –  sepideh Sep 2 '13 at 17:41
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1 Answer

You are passing a malformed filter string to CFileDialog::CFileDialog. The Remarks sections states the following condition:

The lpszFilter parameter [...] ends with two '|' characters.

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