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I have Created following class in flie index.class.php :-

class index{
        public function loadTitle() {
            $title = "Welcome to My Website";
            return $title;

and now, I am using it like below in my index.php file

        $obj = new index();
        echo $obj->loadTitle();

, now my question is Page will become heavy with lots of article and images, and i will expect 1500-2500 user every day in it.

Do, i need to also unset memory, i know PHP has its own garbage collector, but following URL scares me out :- www.google.com/search?q=php+memory+leak+with+new

and i saw few question in stackoverflow that it does consumes memory, and certain people have suggested to use unset function, but i am not sure, how to do it..

This is my try.. :-

Do i need to only call

    unset($obj); // At the end of the page, or where i will no more be using this object.

or i have to set NULL value too.

    $obj = NULL;

is above code fine for releasing memory, or do i need to do something else too.. Please suggest and teach me. It will be very helpful.


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