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I am very new to sql. Now i am trying to host an application in amazon which uses a database. so i create an ec2 instance and use sql query browser connecting to rds instance in amazon.I import the .sql dump file and executed that. i am getting error in this statement... CREATE DEFINER='root'@localhost 'PROCEDURE'delete_user_message'(in id varchar(20)) as Access denied ;you need (atleast one of) the super privileges for this operation .error (1227).How can i fix this and create the database

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The issue is that in RDS you don't get SUPER privileges, which is required to create a procedure owned by another user. To make this work, all you need to do is remove the DEFINER portion of your statement. Then it will automatically use the current user.

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Removing DEFINER section does work. However, the DEFINER section is commented out anyway. Why would remove comment make it work? My DEFINER portion is as "< /*!50003 CREATE*/ /*!50017 DEFINER=ibaobaotest@localhost*/ " –  Michael Z Jan 21 at 4:06
@MichaelZ I believe its only commented out for version of mysql that don't support it. 50017 indicates version 5.0.17 or higher. –  datasage Jan 21 at 11:12

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