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for example in category "news" of my blog there are 50 posts. For get last 10 posts I do: http://mywordpress.com/?json=get_category_posts&slug=news&count=10&status=publish And it work correctly. Now I want to get my posts from 11 to 20 skipping last 10 posts, etc. How can I do?

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The post count defaults to whatever you set in the wordpress backend (settings -> reading). You can achieve pagination by just adding the page parameter. So if you want the posts 11-20 you just call


You find more information here: JSON API Plugin Page, Other Notes

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You can't use get_category_posts with offset.

You have to construct the query from the basic get_posts which has a lot of parameters, see here:


and here (read Method: get_posts):


I think you should use something like:

blablabla.xxx/?json=get_posts&count=10&status=published&cat='id of the category news'&offset='int offset'

Be aware that use offset 'breaks' pagination

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