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I can pre-populate my Stripes JSP form with an object, client in my case, but when I submit this form, my object is returning as null.

I have created a second "temp" object that is a parallel duplicate of client and this retains its values, so I can't see an issue passing an object in the request

My form is as follows :

<s:form beanclass="com.jameselsey.salestracker.action.ViewClientAction">
            <s:hidden name="clientA" value="${actionBean.clientA}"/>
            <s:hidden name="clientId" value="${actionBean.clientId}"/>

                    <td>Name : </td>
                    <td><s:text name=""/></td>
                    <td>Sector : </td>
                    <td><s:text name="client.sector"/></td>
              <!-- omitted some attirbutes, not needed here -->

My action looks like

public class ViewClientAction extends BaseAction

    ClientService clientService;// = new ClientService();
    private Integer clientId;
    private Client client;
    private Client clientA;

    public void setClient(Client client)
        this.client = client;
    public Integer getClientId()
        return clientId;

    public void setClientId(Integer clientId)
        this.clientId = clientId;

    public Client getClientA()
        return clientA;

    public void setClientA(Client clientA)
        this.clientA = clientA;

    public Client getClient()
        return client;

    public Resolution quickView()
        clientA = clientService.getClientById(clientId);
        client = clientService.getClientById(clientId);
        return new ForwardResolution("/jsp/viewClientQuickView.jsp");

    public Resolution save()
        return new ForwardResolution("/jsp/reports.jsp");

    public Resolution viewClientInfo()
        client = clientService.getClientById(clientId);
        return new ForwardResolution("/jsp/viewClientClientInfo.jsp");

If I set a breakpoint at clientService.persistClient(client); I can see that ClientA has all of the original values of the object, yet client is nulled.

Have I missed something that binds the form bean to the client object in my action?


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Add this line in your JSP:

    <s:hidden name="client" value="${actionBean.client}"/>
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I got this scenario working by adding a @Before method to re-hydrate the nested object. After this, save works properly

@Before(stages = LifecycleStage.BindingAndValidation)
public void rehydrate() {
   if (context.getRequest().getParameter("save")!=null){
       this.domainObject = getHibernateSession().load(DomainObject.class, context.getRequest().getParameter("id"));

public void save(){
    Session session=getHibernateSession();
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