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I have an interface that I'm using with a couple different concrete classes. What I wish is that there was something like this...

    .Setup(x => x.Read<ObservableCollection<PointCtTestDataInput>>(

The project I'm working on uses the service locator pattern - anti-pattern which I'm getting less fond of all the time...

Originally I tried..

public static void ClassInitialize(TestContext testContext)
    _kernel = new MoqMockingKernel();

public void TestInitialize()
        () => new NinjectServiceLocator(_kernel));
        .Setup(x => x.Read<ObservableCollection<PointCtTestDataInput>>(
        .Setup(x => x.Save<ObservableCollection<PointCtTestDataInput>>(

I got the standard Ninject error stating that more than one matching binding is available. So, I moved _kernel = new MoqMockingKernel(); into the TestInitialize, and then that error went away... Perhaps I'm incorrectly guess at what _kernel.Reset() does?

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Reset removes any instance from the cache. It does not delete existing bindings. So the second test will have the ISerializeToFile twice.

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