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i'm using JMS for serialize and deserialize my entities i have a batch process to generate a json file and other read that file

my entity has a field DateTime like the following

 * @var \DateTime
 * @ORM\Column(name="inscription_date", type="datetime", nullable=false)
 * @JMS\Type("DateTime<'d/m/Y'>")
private $inscriptionDate;

when the entity is serialized the result is


but the problem is when i'm going to deserialize i get

Expected end of input, but got "/" of type T_NONE at position 11 (0-based).

Note: when i use the json_decode built-in function return a stdClass without problem

Update 1

not appear to be this field, I deleted the field of the original serialization, and yet still get the same error. each object is serialized in a single line, each separated by a PHP_EOL

this is a sample of the data people.json

{"name":"dexter","date":"13/04/2009", "doc": "1047516320" }
{"name":"deedee","date":"30/05/2013", "doc": "1047516325" }

all fields are valid and data types are numbers or strings

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The parser is choking on invalid JSON in people.json. The forward slash, or solidus, needs to be escaped. See JSON documentation here http://json.org/ and read the section on strings.

Your source JSON should look like this:

{"name":"dexter","date":"13\/04\/2009", "doc": "1047516320" }

If you have no control over the source JSON, then you must write your own Handler implementing SubscribingHandlerInterface and register it with your serializer.

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This error occurs when de-serialization fails. Make sure that you pass correct json with correct types of data. Also check if your sub-objects that also will be de-serialized also are correct - passed json also must be correct.

Also make sure to write your class correctly without forward slash:


Also make sure that this is actually class, but not interface (you probably need to write interface resolver to implement that)

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