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I tried to use Samurai to analyze my thread dumps.

I saved a thread dump from Java VisualVM, which gives a .tdump file. Then I started Samurai with

java -jar samurai.jar

I draged my thread dump file into Samurai and got the following error in the console:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
    at samurai.swing.ThreadDumpPanel$7.run(ThreadDumpPanel.java:634)
    at samurai.swing.LogRenderer.invokeLater(LogRenderer.java:78)
    at samurai.swing.ThreadDumpPanel.updateHtml(ThreadDumpPanel.java:629)
    at samurai.swing.ThreadDumpPanel.access$300(ThreadDumpPanel.java:61)
    at samurai.swing.ThreadDumpPanel$8.onFullThreadDump(ThreadDumpPanel.java:665)
    at samurai.core.ThreadDumpExtractor.fullThreadDumpEnded(ThreadDumpExtractor.java:175)
    at samurai.core.ThreadDumpExtractor.finish(ThreadDumpExtractor.java:151)
    at samurai.swing.ThreadDumpPanel.logEnded(ThreadDumpPanel.java:688)
    at samurai.tail.MultipleLogWatcher.logEnded(MultipleLogWatcher.java:96)
    at samurai.tail.SingleLogWatcher.logEnded(SingleLogWatcher.java:212)
    at samurai.tail.SingleLogWatcher.checkUpdate(SingleLogWatcher.java:123)
    at samurai.tail.Tailer.run(Tailer.java:56)
Saving configuration.[/Users/test/.samurai.properties]

What do I have to do to make Samurai running without the error?

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I cannot help with Samurai problem, you can try to use TDA plugin for VisualVM. TDA should be able to provide same information as Samurai.

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