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I am trying to implement a price range facet query by doing this

facet.query=[* TO 8]&facet.query=[8 TO 15]&facet.query=[15 TO *]

Firstly, how do I name this query as "PriceRange" (or similar) so that in the results it would look something like

       <int name="[* TO 8]">XX</int>
       <int name="[8 TO 15]">XX</int>
       <int name="[15 TO *]">XX</int>

And secondly how to apply a query filter for the case when someone actually clicks on say "8 TO 15"?

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. You can rename it in your program or you can use XsltResponseWriter to rename it using XSL style sheet.
  2. add &fq=price:[15 TO *] to your URL, if your field is price
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