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I have a Column Family like this:

  • image_index
    • type as text and primary key
    • value as text
    • id_image as text

I do a SELECT * FROM image_index WHERE type = "image_by_size" ORDER BY value DESC;

Is it possible to compare text like is a int?

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@Jacky Lormoz

Be very careful when comparing numbers (not specifically int, it applies also to long or double) as string.


1L < 2L < 10L


"1" < "10" < "2"

if you want to compare numbers as string, add left-padding with 0.

"01" < "02" < "10"

Now, depending on the length of your number, you may need to add many 0 on the left:

"000001" < "000002" < "000010"

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THANK YOU VERY MUTCH!!! you save an other day ;) – Jacky Lormoz Sep 2 '13 at 17:00

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