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I'm using Rails + Devise along with Stripe for billing. I'm working to create a controller method that creates a user with a subscription at the same time but am running into errors. My controller method:

def signup_w_cc
    @user = User.new(:email => params[:user][:email]
    @user.subscriptions.build(:stripe_card_token => params[:stripe_card_token],
                                              :plan_id => 1,
                                              :quantity => 1)

This is failing, when I do @user.save, the subscription model is not getting the required user_id field. Am I using build incorrectly? The idea is not to create the user and then the subscription as they both need to commit or rollback at the same time.


  has_many :subscriptions


belongs_to :user


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I believe that if you want this kind of awareness out of your relations you'll need to add inverse_of options to them:


has_many :subscriptions, inverse_of: :user


belongs_to :user, inverse_of: :subscriptions

For more on the inverse_of option, search this page for the term inverse_of until you get down to the has_many code: http://apidock.com/rails/ActiveRecord/Associations/ClassMethods

Does that help?

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Yes, your subscription object won't have an user_id because the user is not persisted yet. There is no id available.

To fix, try to change the order to save user at first. Then @user.subscription will have an user_id attached.

@user = User.new(:email => params[:user][:email]
@user.save # Save and get id at first.
@user.subscriptions.build(:stripe_card_token => params[:stripe_card_token],
                                          :plan_id => 1,
                                          :quantity => 1)
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This is the problem. I need them to either save at the same time or not. The problem with this answer if if the subscription fails, now we have a user created without a subscription. –  AnApprentice Sep 2 '13 at 18:22
@AnApprentice, I understand your concern but without an user who can subscribe? You can not use transaction either as payment is external service. My suggestion is to keep them as they may intend to pay but failed due to external reasons. You can send them emails to help if necessary. But if you really don't want them you can run a backend job to remove those failed periodically. –  Billy Chan Sep 3 '13 at 0:28

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