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With command line in Windows, I have a game score system which goes on. It saves the scores into a text file by using the code:

if %LS_RegioLex_EndSave%==1 (echo Single Player Latest Score 1 - RegioLex: %S_REGIOLEX_SCORE% > LostChamberSinglePlayerRegioLexSCORE01.txt)

How do I do the opposite and get the saved scores from the text file and display them?

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type LostChamberSinglePlayerRegioLexSCORE01.txt. If that isn't what you need, please edit your question to make it more clear what you're asking. –  Ken White Sep 2 '13 at 1:35

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Assuming you load the .txt to a string, you can split a string as shown in this thread, or as shown here

Any reason you're tied to batch? Powershell makes it a cakewalk with Import-CSV

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This gives you the data on the first line.

set /p "var="<"LostChamberSinglePlayerRegioLexSCORE01.txt"
echo "%var%"
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