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I've created a blog site from "Beginning CakePHP from novice to professiona"-David Golding. I have the comment view listed below:

<div class="comments form">
<?php echo $form->create('Comment');?>
    	<legend><?php __('Add Comment');?></legend>
    	echo $form->input('name');
    	echo $form->input('content');
    	echo $form->input('post_id');
<?php echo $form->end('Submit');?>
<div class="actions">
    	<li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Comments', true), array('action' => 'index'));?></li>
    	<li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Posts', true), array('controller' => 'posts', 'action' => 'index')); ?> </li>
    	<li><?php echo $html->link(__('New Post', true), array('controller' => 'posts', 'action' => 'add')); ?> </li>

The problem is after i press Submit the values remains in name and content fields. Can anybody help me?


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You've got a couple of options here:

You can redirect after submitting, in your controller, after handling the $this->save method, place:


where the action is where you wish to return to.

Or you can clear the values, again in the controller, after $this->save

$this->data['Comment']['name'] = "";
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Redirecting is definitely the way to go, as it avoids the user inadvertently re-submitting the comment if they reload the page. –  Ben James Dec 6 '09 at 20:42

my add action in comment controller looks like that:

function add() {
	if (!empty($this->data)) {
	 if ($this->Comment->save($this->data)) {
	 	$comments = $this->Comment->find('all', array('conditions' => array('post_id' => $this->data['Comment']['post_id']), 'recursive' => -1));
		$this->data = $this->Comment->create();
		} else { $his->render('add_failure','ajax');}

I use ajax to render the comments again. My problem is that in the comment form the old values still remain instead of erase them

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According to http://book.cakephp.org/view/1366/form, you should not use $ajax->form() and $ajax->submit() in the same form.

So what now?

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Can you provide any other supporting evidence? –  JSuar Dec 17 '12 at 0:50

Inside your Comments controller make sure your add function is redirecting after doing $this->Comment->save($data);

Add this after making sure save() worked:

$this->flash('Thanks for the comment',array('controller'=>'comments','action'=>'index'));


Use the ajax helper $ajax->create and $ajax->submit. ie.

$ajax->submit('Add comment', array('update' => 'refreshArea','indicator' =>
'loading','complete' => 'document.commentForm.reset()')); 
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My redirecting is working after doing $this->Comment->save($data);. My problem is that the form keeps the old values. So instead to render 'add_succes' I should render the form again? –  Andrei Dec 10 '09 at 11:23
Ahhh in the original question you didnt mention you were using the $ajax helper, this is happening to you for the following reasons: -you should be using $ajax->form, instead of $form->create() -When using $ajax->submit at the end of your form you should add: 'complete' => 'document.commentForm.reset()' this way you can reset the form after receiving the response. –  pcp Dec 10 '09 at 19:22

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