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First of all, I have a stream root named "//streams/main". Then, I created a sub stream named "//streams/branchA" whose parent is "//streams/main". and I always worked on my own stream - branch A

Now, I want to do a down integration, from main to branch A. On my dev machine, I have synced my local client to latest version of branch A. Then, I input the following command (the command was generated by the dialog of P4, Merge/Integrate, I copied it out from log window of P4)

p4 merge -c 101005 -r -S //streams/BranchA -s //streams/BranchA/...@label_20130901

but, I got the error

Integration errors: No target file(s) in both client and branch view.

There are a total of 1 errors.

I don't know where I made a mistake, and how to fix it?

My dev machine is WIN8, P4 win client version is 2013 March 20.

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Well you might want to look at this: Create new Branch in P4V client

Also I've found that if I do not have the parent folder in my view, it doesn't want to do the integration. For instance lets say that //streams is excluded as tree, but the subtree //streams/main is included - then you'll not be able to integrate it into new branch below //streams (you will not be able to integrate into //streams/branchA).

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