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I want to create the gh-pages branch from the Github API. Is there an easy way to do this?

If not, how would I create an orphan branch from the Github API?

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A branch with no history. The same as if you type git checkout --orphan gh-pages on the command line. – Daniel X Moore Sep 2 '13 at 3:53

You can create a branch via the Create a Reference part of the API. I'm not sure, however, if you can create an orphaned branch with that or if the API would prevent that.

In fact, testing it out with curl doesn't work:

curl -X POST -u sigmavirus24 -d '{"ref":"refs/heads/orphaned"}'
curl -X POST -u sigmavirus24 -d '{"ref":"refs/heads/orphaned", "sha":""}'

Both return:

{"message": "Reference update failed"}

I tried with and without the Content-Type header (-H "Content-Type: application/json") but neither work.

From that minor experimentation, it would appear you can not create an orphaned branch via the API.

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I was able to create a reference with a sha that pointed to a root level commit (a new commit I created with no parents). When creating that commit I wasn't able to create an empty tree reference through the github api, but instead had to create a tree with a dummy file in it. I'm currently using those workarounds but am still interested in seeing if there is a way to create an orphan branch referencing a root level commit pointing to an empty tree. – Daniel X Moore Sep 3 '13 at 21:02

It is possible to do this by:

  1. Check whether the branch already exists
  2. If not, then create a commit that refers to git's empty tree SHA
  3. Then create a ref to that commit

You can find some CoffeeScript example code for how to do that from

Here is one such branch created this way:

Update: this method only works if the git repository has previous orphan branches. If it is a newly-created repo created via GitHub's API using the auto_init option it won't work. I've contacted GitHub about this.

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